On transfer of properties..


The current shifting political and environmental climate provides a timely need to expand contemporary choreographic practice to embrace flexible language structures in order to reposition the body in proximity to land and matter. This means a growing need to develop communication processes designed to transverse disciplines, to develop shared language that describes body / human interrelationship with land, other species and weather.

“Properties” refers to any distinguishing characteristics or attributes of a denizen of place such as its height, temperature, density, depth, texture, actions/movement qualities. For instance, the quality of the sway of a tree’s limbs, its rhythmic timing, texture and colour. ‘The term ‘transfer’ implies the body’s longer-term relation to and within its surroundings, where the role of perception, proprioception and proximity can be said to operate interdependently throughout the sustained sensory dialogue between body-based and land-based material. The body’s own daily, seasonal and life shifts come to echo micro processes of environmental change.


transfer of properties