Higher Education


HigherEd2Both Marnie and Rachel are directly employed in Higher Education where their teaching practices are divided between dance, theatre and performance studies.

Orr & Sweeney are recognised leaders within contemporary performance practice in tertiary education, including site specific performance, improvisation, and cross-disciplinary approaches.





The Orr & Sweeney Movement Approach focuses on the articulation of presence, kinaesthetic awareness and dynamic by using instant movement composition as a strategy for creativity.

Whilst aiming students toward professional placement within the arts, the Movement Approach addresses a current need within mixed mode performing arts courses: that students identify an adaptable, sustainable physical practice through their training that resonates within everyday lived practice.


The approach is based on fostering deep understanding of the principles of contemporary and cultural performance forms. Above and beyond students deeply experiencing their own physicality, processes work to refine the individual’s full movement potential by advancing students’ own abilities to develop multiple modalities according to their interests, which may be beyond performance movement itself.

Working in both studio and outdoor conditions the duo employ highly researched activities and class exercises. Students learn to reposition existing movement techniques to articulate with an open active body, through emergent movement dialogue. This is cultivated out of their direct experience working in and as part of the land and gradually perceiving the studio as site rather than stage, which often maintains specific predetermined requirements.

shifting perceptual states .... kinaesthetic awareness .... lived practice.... longevity ....