Company Training


18Jul2011_0152-1024x541 copyOrr & Sweeney’s professional company classes emphasise a distinct technical approach that identifies physical principles from the contemporary Japanese performance practices of Butoh and Bodyweather.

Classes begin with a somatic interrogation of the body’s anatomical structures, identifying the body’s relationship to gravity, speed and distance.

Emphasis is placed on developing psychophysical response, imagistic metaphor and the transferral of physical properties, to develop and define strategic shifts of focus in performance.

Movement material can then be developed towards incorporating directorial and choreographic perspectives within improvisational practice.



18Jul2011_0147-1024x574 copyOrr & Sweeney’s professional  training programs aim to facilitate generative dialogue through accessing distinct improvisational tools for real time composition in order to engage both dynamic and subtle physicality in performance.

By encouraging participants to focus on the moment of decision making in performance through an awareness of their immediate environment – as it relates to people, memory-state, objects, or design principles – the performer’s physicality becomes highly engaged and articulate.




real time composition…. imagistic metaphor…. psychophysical response ….transfer of physical properties