Sandskin | Bloodwater


Sandskin | Bloodwater is an interdisciplinary arts project intersecting with community and presented as a residential intensive. Taking place in 2011 in the mid-west region of Western Australia, the project worked creatively but sensitively at a front line of immense environmental change, as the region surrounding Carnarvon had experienced four floods and a major locust plague in the last three months.

The aim of the project was to develop relationships with the affected farmers along the Gascoyne River, directly informing the creative output. The creative output was not known at the time the project’s initiation, but emerged out of the experiences of the place and its people. The result was a series of sessions of dance based movement inquiry and photographic shoots, of which the stills were shared with the farmers and their families, effectively generating wider debate on sustainability and land management.

A week-long self-initiated residency at Centre Interdisciplinary Arts, Perth Australia acted as a research collation period, with a public sharing on 25 July 2011.