Transnational Terrain


Transnational Terrain began as a place mapping exchange between WA and Devon, charting some of the significant geological parallels found within the shared geomorphic properties of both lands.

Both Kalamunda National Park (WA) and Dartmoor National Park (Devon, UK) are formed out of granite bedrock which stretches some 300 km south of Perth in the form of the Yilgarn Crater while in the UK granite has been quarried for centuries, providing ball clay for shipment as well as the more refined china clay.

The project initially evolved out of Orr and Sweeney’s respective solo walking practices, following the dried out traces of mining industry, engaging with land protocol surrounding stewardship and identifying parallel properties in the transfer of rocky stories between both hemispheres.


Dartmoor: following the route of the tradewinds old boundary walls depicting stannary towns north, east, south, west..
Kalamunda: Marnie talks of telling stories, counting eucalyptus bark rings, needing to fit with the law of the land..