Anon-THUMBNAILoption2 (1)AnonAnon are described as a dance interventionist duo that work in unusual sites throughout the city, devising reactive, interactive performances in response to London’s architecture | smells | temperature | altitudes.

AnonAnon have been presenting their chameleonic choreographies in a range of cabarets, festivals & clubs throughout London since 2005.





Past performances include ‘ButlersAnon’: Social Espionage© offering exclusive Silver-Service-Satellite-Surveillance | ‘BouncersAnon’: Discreet Door Bitch Fashion Consultancy ​ and ‘CreaturesAnon’, a fresh cocktail of Subterranean Cybercynetic moves’n'grooves.


AnonAnon have worked as resident artists with FEEDBACK monthly live performance event at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane (2005-2006) and produced a short film with Red Shoes Productions .




Mission Statement: We believe in a call for interactivity as an essential means of communication and expression that might mutate established gender and socio-cultural identity constructs through a constant play of transposition and migration in performance