Tracking Entities


2012       Sweeney, R. ‘Tracking Entities: choreography as a cartographic process’ in Choreographic Practices Vol 2: 2012 Intellect Books, UK. Editors Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow  ISSN: 20405669


Abstract: Tracking Entities is a cartographic essay that takes the idea of topographic exchange between place and body, exploring the relationship between sense, perception and memory.

This visual and cartographic essay outlines ROCKface’s distinct choreographic approach in developing a physical strategy that is steered by the interaction between dancer and environment and that charts those physical, sensorial and perceptual processes that are at work within their site-based movement research and practice.

Underlying an inquiry into developing movement vocabulary from a particular terrain, the terms proprioception’, ‘perception’ andperspective are examined below in relation to the performance practice of ROCKface site-based dance company.

An investigation into the cross cultural training principles and performance methods of ROCKface will focus on the role of sense-perceptions of the performer as a modern-day palimpsest is aimed for where the creative and choreographic process is generated initially through those movements acquired in the immediate vicinity of working on site and, subsequently, re-created through their inscription, or refinement, towards choreographic materials.

Central to the inquiry into sense perception is the ability of the dancer working in outdoor rural environments to interrelate different senses and, in particular, the relation between visual and touch sensation in dance.



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